Ubuntu Manual Project: Ubuntu 12.04

05 Aug

För någon dag sedan skrev jag om en manual från Muktware för Ubuntu 12.04. Idag vill jag göra reklam för en annan manual, lika fri och lika gratis som den förra. Den kommer från Ubuntu Manual Project och har även sin egen sida på Launchpad.

New users to Ubuntu may find that it takes some time to feel comfortable when trying a new operating system. You will no doubt notice many similarities to both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and some differences. Users coming from Mac OS X are more likely to notice similarities due to the fact that both Mac OS X and Ubuntu originated from Unix. The Unity shell, which is the default in Ubuntu, is a completely new concept, which needs some exploring to get used to it. See Chapter 2: The Ubuntu Desktop for more information about the Unity shell.

Before you decide whether or not Ubuntu is right for you, we suggest giving yourself some time to grow accustomed to the way things are done in Ubuntu. You should expect to find that some things are different from what you are used to. We also suggest taking the following into account:

Ubuntu is community based. That is, Ubuntu is developed, written, and maintained by the community. Because of this, support is probably not available at your local computer store. Fortunately, the Ubuntu community is here to help. There are many articles, guides, and manuals available, as well as users on various Internet forums and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) rooms that are willing to assist beginners. Additionally, near the end of this guide, we include a troubleshooting chapter: Chapter 6: Troubleshooting.

Many applications designed for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X will not run on Ubuntu.
For the vast majority of everyday computing tasks, you will find suitable alternative applications available in Ubuntu. However, many professional applications (such as the Adobe Creative Suite) are not developed to work with Ubuntu. If you rely on commercial software that is notcompatible with Ubuntu, yet still want to give Ubuntu a try, you may want to consider dual-booting. Alternatively, some applications developed for Windows will work in Ubuntu with a program called Wine. For more information on Wine, go to

Many commercial games will not run on Ubuntu. If you are a heavy gamer, then Ubuntu may not be for you. Game developers usually design games for the largest market. Since Ubuntu’s market share is not as substantial as Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Mac OS X, most game developers will not allocate resources towards making their games compatible with Linux. If you just enjoy a game every now and then, there is active game development within the community, and many high quality games can be easily installed through the Ubuntu Software Center.

Kom du förbi det här citatet? Ladda ner manualen och se hur Ubuntu fungerar och vad det skulle kunna ge dig.

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