Arbetsvillkoren för din iPhone eller iPad

27 Jan

Har du en iPhone eller kanske en iPad? Tycker du om den? Apples produkter är billiga och bra, eller hur? Vet du var och hur den är producerad? Bryr du dig? Knappast, va? Eller?

iPhone-generationen är lyckligt ovetande om hur deras telefoner framställs. De ser bara den glassiga ytan, den häftiga produkten och att alla har andra har den.

Men i artikel i New York Times beskrivs det hur arbetarna i Kina har det. Hur det är på de fabriker där iPhone, iPad och andra produkter från Apple produceras. Här talar vi arbetsvillkor som ingen svensk skulle acceptera!

En devis som möter de anställda på en fabrik, lyder så här.

“Work hard on the job today or work hard to find a job tomorrow.”

Det kanske säger en del. Eller?

In the last decade, Apple has become one of the mightiest, richest and most successful companies in the world, in part by mastering global manufacturing. Apple and its high-technology peers — as well as dozens of other American industries — have achieved a pace of innovation nearly unmatched in modern history.

However, the workers assembling iPhones, iPads and other devices often labor in harsh conditions, according to employees inside those plants, worker advocates and documents published by companies themselves. Problems are as varied as onerous work environments and serious — sometimes deadly — safety problems.

Det sker olyckor och folk tar livet av sig. Och även om Apple har fått varningar om att det inte står rätt till, så gör de ingenting.

“If Apple was warned, and didn’t act, that’s reprehensible,” said Nicholas Ashford, a former chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, a group that advises the United States Labor Department. “But what’s morally repugnant in one country is accepted business practices in another, and companies take advantage of that.”

Apple is not the only electronics company doing business within a troubling supply system. Bleak working conditions have been documented at factories manufacturing products for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, I.B.M., Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba and others.

Det är, som sagt, även andra som inte bryr sig om hur deras produkter kommer till.

“Apple never cared about anything other than increasing product quality and decreasing production cost,” said Li Mingqi, who until April worked in management at Foxconn Technology, one of Apple’s most important manufacturing partners. Mr. Li, who is suing Foxconn over his dismissal, helped manage the Chengdu factory where the explosion occurred.

“Workers’ welfare has nothing to do with their interests,” he said.

Det är så här som ohämmad kapitalism fungerar. Men folk i ibland annat Sverige ser bara till om produkten är billig eller inte. Och i Apples fall att den även är hypad och inne.

Apple typically asks suppliers to specify how much every part costs, how many workers are needed and the size of their salaries. Executives want to know every financial detail. Afterward, Apple calculates how much it will pay for a part. Most suppliers are allowed only the slimmest of profits.

So suppliers often try to cut corners, replace expensive chemicals with less costly alternatives, or push their employees to work faster and longer, according to people at those companies.

“The only way you make money working for Apple is figuring out how to do things more efficiently or cheaper,” said an executive at one company that helped bring the iPad to market. “And then they’ll come back the next year, and force a 10 percent price cut.”

“If half of iPhones were malfunctioning, do you think Apple would let it go on for four years?” the executive asked.

Synd att man inte får veta hur andra IT_företag producerar sina produkter, för då skulle man kunna ställa krav på att de har justa förhållanden för sina arbetare. De skulle kunna skapas ett slags Fairetrade får IT-produkter.

“And right now, customers care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China.”

Nu känns det bara som att Apples produkter, det köper man bara inte!

En artikel om det här i Expressen.

Uppdatering 120130
På tal om att inte köpa Apples produkter, så har det tydligen talats om köpboycott runt om i världen. Det nämns i The Guardian och Los Angeles Times.

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